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We serve more organic food than any other national restaurant group and are helping our farmer partners make the transition to organic.


Becoming certified organic isn’t a quick process—it takes three years as a transitional farm with only natural or other permitted substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods. Produce can’t be called organic unless it’s grown on soil that had no prohibited substances applied for three years prior to harvest. The USDA awards organic certification only if these standards are met.


Your Real Foodprint will show an estimate of the square feet of organic land supported based on the proportion of certified organic sources that Chipotle uses, on average, for each ingredient in your order.

How We back it up

We partnered with HowGood, an independent research company, with the world’s largest database on food sustainability. They assessed each of our 53 ingredients and compared them to the industry average agricultural impact against five key metrics (reduced carbon emissions, antibiotics avoided, water saved, improved soil health, and supported organic land). For organic land supported specifically, they also relied on these additional resources for measurement.

United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service


Your choices at Chipotle help support sustainable agriculture practices, like transitioning crops from conventional to organic, to ensure the land is healthy now and for future generations.


from conventional to organic is a costly and time-consuming, but worthwhile, effort. We’ve helped partners like McKaskle Farms, who provides us with our long-grain rice, and Coastal Farms, who sources all of our cilantro, make that change to serve the best ingredients possible.

5 MILLION POUNDS of organic produce was sourced by Chipotle this year
13.4 MILLION POUNDS of organic black and pinto beans were purchased in 2020 so far


We’re providing assistance to farmers to help them transition from traditional to organic farming. So far, we’ve seen the biggest positive impact with these ingredients, though we’re helping many of our partners transition our 53 real ingredients from conventional to organic.

Dairy for Cheese

Petaluma Creamery, one of our Monterey Jack suppliers, provides certified organic cheese and represents 18% of all of the Monterey Jack cheese we use.

Food with Integrity
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Soybeans (Tofu)

It’s no big surprise, but organic growing practices help the health of soil by creating a thriving ecosystem from compost, not synthetic fertilizers, which can harm the soil and spread contamination and disease across crops. 100% of the soybeans for tofu that we use in our Sofritas are grown organically.

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We’ve worked to build the supply of organic cilantro with our farmer partners. When we sought to purchase 100% organic cilantro, there simply wasn't enough. Through partnering with our suppliers, we’ve worked hard to build the supply of organic cilantro at scale.

In 2019, we purchased 50% of our cilantro organically, and 21% transitionally–meaning from farms that were using organic practices, but were not yet certified (which takes 3 years). This year we’ve grown those numbers to 65% organic and 21% transitional. We continue to invest in the future of organic cilantro and look forward to seeing increased organic percentages as transitional farms move to being officially certified organic.

our commitment to organic
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Room for Improvement

While we already serve more organic ingredients than any fast food chain, we still don’t consider the job finished. Sourcing organic is one of the many ways we ensure that ingredients are raised responsibly. 

Providing assistance to farms to transition from conventional to organic is a long-term investment, and one that we’re happy to make. Purchasing more transitional and organic ingredients will allow us to continue to invest in the positive impact this metric is making.


We’re thankful for our farmers and the hard work it takes to grow Food with Integrity. As partners, we’re helping farmers take the time-consuming and costly step of moving from conventional farming to organic. We’ve also partnered with the National Young Farmers Coalition to launch the Chipotle Seed Grants Program to support the next generation.


Your choices at Chipotle help support sustainable agriculture practices, like transitioning crops from conventional to organic, to ensure the land is healthy now and for future generations.

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